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Quick Look: BWS Public Hearing & Board of Directors Meeting November 27, 2023

[Also see the video here]

Highlights from the BWS Public Hearing & Board Meeting – November 27, 2023

The Board of Water Supply (BWS) Public Hearing and Board of Directors Meeting on November 27, 2023, addressed several critical issues impacting the water supply system. From discussing rate revisions to addressing the Red Hill fuel contamination crisis, the meeting was a crucial platform for deliberating on matters affecting the community at large.

1. Proposed Revisions for Water Rates and Charges (2024-2029):

A significant portion of the meeting was dedicated to discussing proposed changes to the schedule of rates and charges for water and water service for the fiscal years 2024 to 2029. The revisions aim to ensure adequate funding for maintaining and improving the water infrastructure, focusing on long-term sustainability and reliability.

2. Financial and Operational Overview:

The Board presented a detailed overview of the financial and operational aspects of the water supply system. This included insights into infrastructure needs, cost analysis, and rate structure proposals. The emphasis was on balancing operational costs with the need to provide affordable water services.

3. Public Testimony and Concerns:

An essential part of the meeting was listening to public testimonies. Community members expressed their concerns about the potential impact of rate increases, questioning the fairness and necessity of these changes, especially in light of the current economic challenges.

4. Red Hill Fuel Contamination Issue:

The Red Hill fuel contamination was a central topic, with updates on BWS's response to the crisis. Discussions included the progress on defueling the Red Hill bulk fuel storage facility, investments in monitoring and exploratory wells, and the community impact. The financial implications of this issue, particularly concerning the proposed rate increases, were also a point of extensive discussion.

5. Commitment to Transparency and Community Engagement:

The Board reiterated its commitment to transparency and active community engagement. Acknowledging the public's concerns, the Board stressed the importance of open dialogue and informed decision-making, ensuring that community voices are heard and considered in policy-making.

[Also see the video here]


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