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Quick Look: BWS Board of Directors Meeting December 18, 2023

[Also see the video here]

Highlights from the BWS Public Hearing & Board Meeting – December 18, 2023


In a recent Board of Water Supply meeting, critical topics concerning water management and environmental impacts were discussed. Here are the key takeaways.

1. Freshwater Supply Fragility:

The meeting opened with a reminder of the delicate balance in our natural water systems, highlighting how easily freshwater sources can be contaminated.

2. Commitment to Safe Water:

The board reiterated its dedication to providing safe, dependable, and affordable water, emphasizing their future-focused strategies.

3. Public Participation and Regulations:

Instructions on public participation and virtual meeting regulations were shared, emphasizing transparency and community engagement.

4. Appreciation for Joseph Cooper:

A significant portion of the meeting was dedicated to expressing gratitude to Joseph Cooper, the retiring Waterworks Controller, for his decade-long service and numerous contributions to the department.

5. Update on Red Hill Fuel Contamination:

A comprehensive update on the Red Hill fuel contamination issue was provided. It included details on the gravity defueling completion, the status of residual fuel and sludge removal, and concerns regarding the contamination's impact on local water wells.

6. Concerns Over Water Well Safety:

Discussions highlighted the need for conclusive data and absolute proof of safety before considering reopening wells shut down due to contamination risks.

[Also see the video here]


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