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A petition in support of clean water for our descendents.

We, the people of this place and people from afar, stand in support of clean drinking water on Oʻahu for generations to come.

The U.S. Navy’s WWII-era underground fuel tank farm at Red Hill has contaminated the aquifer that provides drinking water to Oʻahu residents. Thanks to our community’s tireless demand for truth and accountability, we now know that over two million gallons of fuel have already spilled. Millions of gallons of fuel, sitting in the soil and the rock above the aquifer, migrating slowly, hour by hour. 

The Navy has begun the process to de-fuel the tanks to prevent future spills. But we cannot allow our military to declare the job complete if there are still millions of gallons in the soil, in the rock, and in our aquifer.

We deserve safe, pure drinking water that our children’s children can rely on, free from industrial filters or chemical treatments. From mauka to makai, there should be no fuel in Halawa Stream and freshwater springs.

We stand in support of the action plan of the interagency Red Hill WAI committee in collective action to: 


  • Hold the Navy and federal government responsible for not only defueling the tanks, but for fully cleaning up the fuel already spilled

  • Find and neutralize contaminants before they get to the water

  • Aggressively monitor the well-being of the water in proactive stewardship of the resource 



We join together - across government, community and private entities - united in the fight to restore the promise of clean drinking water for our descendents. 


Mālama I Ka Wai!

Protect our water!

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