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News 2023

May 8, 2023

Hawaii News Now

Navy leaders testify before federal grand jury investigating catastrophic Red Hill fuel spill



May 6, 2023

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Contractor error, poor Navy oversight cited in Red Hill spill

May 1, 2023

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VIDEO: Honolulu Board of Water Supply’s Ernie Lau joins ‘Spotlight Hawaii’


April 29, 2023

Military has yet to reveal causes of Red Hill fire suppressant spills

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April 25, 2023


Civil Beat

EPA Not At Fault For Red Hill Crisis, Inspector General Says



April 22, 2023


Hawaii News Now

Military affirms timeline to defuel Red Hill, as Walk For Water event aims to underscore urgency of crisis


Hawaii News Now

Safe water advocates organize 'Walk for Water' to call for immediate shutdown of Red Hill Facility




April 12, 2023


Hawaii News Now

Federal grand jury conducting criminal probe into Red Hill fuel spills




April 11, 2023


Civil Beat

Red Hill Families File New Class Action Lawsuit Against Navy




April 10, 2023


Hawaii News Now

Medical evaluations extended for civilians impacted by Red Hill water crisis




April 5, 2023


Hawaii News Now

Military: Required repairs to defuel Red Hill tanks half complete, hundreds more remain




March 28, 2023


Hawaii News Now

3 servicemembers launch legal action against U.S. government for Red Hill fuel spills




March 24, 2023


Hawaii News Now

Bottled water distributed to hundreds after toxic ‘forever chemicals’ found in Kunia well



March 21, 2023

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Red Hill families exposed to anti-icing agent in 2021 fuel spill


March 20, 2023


Civil Beat

Not Just Fuel: Red Hill Families Drank Antifreeze Too, Lawsuit Says

Hawaii News Now

Lawsuit: Red Hill families drank ‘antifreeze’ in fuel-contaminated water




March 19, 2023


Kupuna joining voices, calling for Red Hill defueling




March 15, 2023


Civil Beat

‘Forever Chemicals’ Have Been Found In Hawaii’s Environment. Now What?




March 7, 2023



Navy provides details on surveys for repurposing Red Hill




February 21, 2023


Civil Beat

The Military's Public Information Black Hole




February 13, 2023


Hawaii News Now

EPA: Groundwater contamination at Red Hill fuel facility dates back to 2005




February 7, 2023


Civil Beat

Space Force Vows ‘Above And Beyond’ Cleanup Of Maui Spill




February 6, 2023


Hawaii News Now

‘Extremely disheartened’: BWS opposes draft EPA order on defueling, closing Red Hill




January 16, 2023


Hawaii News Now

Environmental activists speak out on EPA’s proposed Red Hill consent order




January 10, 2023


Hawaii News Now

Red Hill moms demand congressional hearing on Navy’s fuel-tainted water




January 4, 2023



Making Red Hill Clinic appointment: ‘It was horrible!’




See NEWS 2022 here



27,000 Gallons spilled


46,000 Gallos spilled


Tanks open


Construction begins

Action: NOW

It is more than time for this massive source of pollution to be removed – for the fuel to be removed from the tanks, and for the tanks to be decommissioned, and for the land and the water to be cleaned. The Navy has made this a fight about national security, but how can we the people be secure if our water is poisoned and life begins to stress in a place where thriving is what we are about? It is not a win to flush pipes or filter every drop of water we use from now on.  It is not a win to be fearful of the water that comes out of the tap.

Mālama i ka wai - Protect our water. It is our responsibility to be good stewards and to leave this place better than when we were born into it. This most definitely includes caring for the water.  Water is life.  

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