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News 2022

December 22, 2022


Civil Beat

Removing Red Hill Tanks Poses ‘High Risk,’ Navy Report Says

December 21, 2022

Board of Water Supply (BWS)

Review letters and documents from the BWS, Environmental Protection Agency, and Department of Health regarding Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) and Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

Hawaii News Now

Schatz: Answers coming ‘very slowly’ in probe of Red Hill toxic foam spill

December 20, 2022


Hawaii News Now

EPA seeks public comments on consent order for Red Hill defueling, closure

December 19, 2022

Civil Beat

Hawaii Lawmakers Call For Investigation Into Chemical Spills At Red Hill

December 18, 2022


Civil Beat

Firefighting Foam Spilled At Red Hill Before. The Navy Didn’t Notify Anyone

December 15, 2022

Hawaii News Now

Military’s new Red Hill clinic to staff skin, brain, stomach and behavioral health specialists

December 13, 2022


Hawaii News Now

Red Hill lawsuit expands to include latest reports of 'forever chemicals' detected in drinking water


Civil Beat
Delayed Notification Of Toxic Chemicals In Red Hill Water Draws Criticism

December 12, 2022

Civil Beat

Danny De Gracia: The US Should Fire Navy Red Hill Commanders Until It Finds A Responsible Leader


December 10, 2022


Hawaii News Now

EPA, DOH letter reveals ‘forever chemicals’ were detected in groundwater near Red Hill last year

December 5, 2022

Civil Beat

Kahele: Navy’s Latest Red Hill Leak Shows ‘Horrifying Negligence’

December 2, 2022

Hawaii News Now

New aerial video shows contamination zone at Red Hill following spill of toxic fire suppressant

November 29, 2022

Hawaii News Now

Clean-up underway after ‘egregious’ firefighting foam spill near Red Hill fuel facility

Civil Beat

A New Leak At Red Hill Dumps Hundreds Of Gallons Of Firefighting Foam

November 21, 2022



Red Hill fuel water contamination impacts still felt one year later

November 9, 2022

Civil Beat

Hundreds Of Red Hill Families Still Sick A Year Later, Survey Finds

November 1, 2022


Civil Beat

Navy Plans To Close Red Hill Fuel Facility By 2027 But Keep Empty Tanks In Place

October 25, 2022


KHON2 News

93K gallons of fuel removed from Red Hill as unpacking begins​

October 24, 2022


Civil Beat

Military Sets A New Date To Start Draining Fuel From Red Hill Pipelines


October 17, 2022


Civil Beat

Families Demand Answers After Navy Water Main Breaks Near Pearl Harbor

October 7, 2022


Civil Beat

Hawaii Gives The Military The Go-Ahead To Start Draining Fuel From Red Hill

October 3, 2022

Civil Beat

The commander of a new task force aimed at safely removing fuel from the WWII-era facility promised accountability and transparency in dealing with the aftermath of last year’s leaks.

September 23, 2022

Civil Beat
EPA Finds Navy Violated Environmental Rules At Red Hill, Hickam

August 31, 2022

Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Military families sue federal government over Red Hill fuel leak

August 22, 2022


Hawaii News Now

Rusty tanks, corroded valves: Probe finds potential violations with military water system

August 4, 2022


Civil Beat

Cancer-Causing Fuel Components Detected In A BWS Monitoring Well In Honolulu

July 19, 2022

Hawaii News Now

State lawmakers blast Navy on ‘incomplete’ plan to defuel Red Hill

July 5, 2022


Civil Beat

WATCH: Fuel Spewed ‘Full Blast’ Into Red Hill Tunnel In November

June 30, 2022


Navy finds series of failures led to fuel leak at Hawaii military facility that sickened families


DOH Releases Red Hill Defueling Plan, Command Investigation




June 27, 2022


Hawaii New Now

Watchdogs worry about more delays as Navy prepares to submit Red Hill plan

June 21, 2022

Hawaii News Now

Former Navy diver describes Red Hill contamination: ‘We were up against a huge problem’

May 31, 2022


Hawaii Public Radio

Red Hill fuel tanks need repairs before draining, Navy contractor report says

May 27, 2022


Civil Beat
Consultant: Fixing Red Hill’s Decrepit Infrastructure Could Take 2 Years


Contractors say critical repairs needed to safely defuel Red Hill (Report released)

DOH - (Independent contractors assessment on facility operations delivered to Navy April 29, 2022)

Final Assessment Report Assessment of Red Hill Underground Fuel Storage Facility - Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

May 18, 2022



Commission on Water Resource Management addresses Navy over pumping issue


May 14, 2022



New data released on Red Hill fuel contamination

May 13, 2022


Fuel Tank Advisory Committee Meeting

May 10, 2022


Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Investigations into Red Hill water crisis drag on

May 9, 2022


KHON2 News

DOH: Navy waives right to contested case hearing



Navy Waives Right To Contest Doh Red Hill Emergency Order

“The Navy must provide DOH with its independent contractor’s assessment on facility operations by May 13, a plan and implementation schedule to defuel by June 30, and a plan for closure of the facility by November 1.”

May 6, 2022



100+ families file health claims against the Navy for Red Hill Facility water contamination


New Red Hill Emergency Order Sets Expectations For Safe Defueling And Closure Of Red Hill

May 5, 2022


Civil Beat

Red Hill Water Contamination Sickened Some 2,000 People, Survey Finds

May 4, 2022



DOH Red Hill Status Report #2

April 30, 2022

Common Dreams

It's Taking Nine Years to Replace Underground Jet Fuel Tanks in Washington State—Red Hill Can't Wait That Long: Citizen pressure is critical to keep DOD's feet to the fire to defuel the Red Hill tanks before another catastrophic fuel leak occurs here on O'ahu.

April 27, 2022



How Military Jet Fuel Leaked Into Hawaii's Drinking Water

April 22, 2022


Civil Beat

Feds Agree To Stop Fighting Order To Drain Red Hill

April 21, 2022



Joint Base Water Update

April 20, 2022



DOH Red Hill Status Report #1

As part of its responsibility to protect public health and the environment for all people in Hawai‘i, the Hawaiʻi Department of Health (DOH) provides biweekly status reports on matters concerning the defueling, monitoring, and remediation of the U.S. Navy’s Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage facility.

April 13, 2022


Civil Beat

Red Hill Crisis Underscores Water Insecurity In Hawaii

April 12, 2022

Civil Beat

Survey: Protecting Drinking Water Is Top Priority For Honolulu Residents

Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Gov. David Ige pushes Board of Water Supply to repair wells to boost water supply



April 11, 2022


Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Students, staff at schools affected by Red Hill fuel leak remain wary of tap water


April 10, 2022


Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Oahu developers face fallout from the Navy’s Red Hill water crisis


April 8, 2022



DOH News Release: State Approves Installation of Eight New Red Hill Monitoring Wells


Civil Beat

Hawaii Approves New Monitoring Wells To Track Red Hill Fuel Pollution


April 5, 2022



Navy Reports Another Spill at Red Hill



April 4, 2022



Navy Relieves Naval Supply Systems Command Fleet Logistics Center Pearl Harbor CO Over Red Hill Leak


Civil Beat

Navy Captain Fired After Latest Red Hill Fuel Leak


Civil Beat

Where Is The Red Hill Contamination Moving? Experts Are ‘Working Blind’


April 1, 2022


Civil Beat

Another Red Hill Leak: Fuel And Water Spilled From Facility Pipeline, Navy Says



DOH Investigating Red Hill Release of Fuel And Water Mixture



March 29, 2022


Hawaii News Now

BWS chief engineer worries Red Hill fuel contamination could be spreading



March 28, 2022



The Department of Defense Releases the President's Fiscal Year 2023 Defense Budget

“$1 billion for a new Red Hill Recovery Fund to enable DoD to quickly and flexibly address the health, environmental, and national security needs of the Hawaii community and the Department”


Civil Beat

Defense Department Seeks $1 Billion To Cover Red Hill Expenses


KHON2 News

$1B to defuel Red Hill included in President Biden's annual budget request


“…we don’t know exactly what this is going to cost, I think a billion dollars is certainly a very impressive down payment…”

“…the other thing to remember about this language is that its extremely flexible, it allows the resources to be spent however necessary in Millitary construction if that is necessary, cash resources, the de-fueling itself…”   -Sen. Brian Schatz 


“Full remediation, de-fueling, and closure of Red Hill and identification of alternate strategic fuel storage capacity and the Indo-Pacific will take sustained federal funding in the billions over several fiscal years.” -Rep. Ed Case



March 25, 2022


Common Dreams - Ann Wright

Navy Decisions on Red Hill Jet Fuel Tanks Very Costly to Military Families, Taxpayers, and Hawaii's Environment: $1.1 billion and counting for U.S. Navy's obstinance in shutting down dangerous, leaking red hill jet fuel tanks in Honolulu.

March 21, 2022


Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet

Post-Exceedance Drinking Water Results Confirm Water Safe to Drink


March 18, 2022


DOH Declares Four Navy Drinking Water Distribution System Zones Safe


Hawaii News Now

DOH declares all 19 zones affected by Navy’s tainted water system safe to drink



March 7, 2022


"This is a multi step process. Throughout the process, we will work closely with Hawaii's Department of Health and with the Environmental Protection Agency to safely defuel theRed Hill facility. No later than May 31, the Secretary of the Navy and director of the Defense Logistics Agency will provide an action plan for safe and expeditious defueling of the facility with the completion date target of 12 months. Then, as soon as we'vemade corrective actions to ensure the defueling will be safe, we will begin defueling.

Civil Beat

Pentagon To Close Red Hill Fuel Facility Permanently Amid Contamination Crisis


February 28, 2022


Navy in non-compliance with DOH Red Hill Emergency Order


January 10, 2021


Hawaii News Now

Navy now faces an ‘ambitious timeline’ to drain Red Hill fuel storage tanks


January 4, 2021

Civil Beat

Hawaii Health Officials Review Drinking Water Standards After Red Hill Fuel Crisis

KHON2 News

State allowed more fuel in water years before Red Hill crisis; BWS wants lower limit restored

The state used to draw the line at 100 parts per billion for taste and smell, and 160 for drinking, until 2017 when acceptable levels jumped to 500 and 400 respectively.


“It’s intuitively saying that it’s okay to drink the water even if it smells. And we all know that’s counterintuitive,” explained Erwin Kawata from BWS. “What they had previously was much, much, much, much more protective. It was actually the reverse.”

December 15, 2021



Thousands displaced from Oahu military base due to contamination in Navy water system

January 30, 2014

Civil Beat

Red Hill: EPA May Force New Fuel Leak Detection System for Toxic Spills

See 2023 and 2024 news.



27,000 Gallons spilled


46,000 Gallons spilled


Tanks open


Construction begins

Action: NOW

It is more than time for this massive source of pollution to be removed – for the fuel to be removed from the tanks, and for the tanks to be decommissioned, and for the land and the water to be cleaned. The Navy has made this a fight about national security, but how can we the people be secure if our water is poisoned and life begins to stress in a place where thriving is what we are about? It is not a win to flush pipes or filter every drop of water we use from now on.  It is not a win to be fearful of the water that comes out of the tap.

Mālama i ka wai - Protect our water. It is our responsibility to be good stewards and to leave this place better than when we were born into it. This most definitely includes caring for the water.  Water is life.  

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