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News Roundup: April 2024

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April 30, 2024

Civil Beat

Navy Groundwater Sampling Plan Is Insufficient, Hawaii Health Officials Say

"The Navy's third attempt at a plan did not include key steps that the state wants to see."

Navy Closure Task Force Red Hill (NCTF-RH)

Navy Reduces Water Pumping Operations At Red Hill Shaft

April 29, 2024

CBS News - 60 Minutes [full-length episode]

Military families in Hawaii say water tainted by jet fuel made them sick

Civil Beat

Families Testify In Red Hill Trial How Fuel Made Them Sick As Feds Express Doubt

"Witnesses testified they became extremely ill after drinking the Navy's contaminated water. Government attorneys countered their exposure was brief."

Hawaii News Now

‘We’re going to tell our truths’: Red Hill trial starts Monday with sickened families to testify

Hawaii News Now

Tears in court as families sickened by fuel-tainted tap water went before a federal judge

April 26, 2024

Red Hill CRI

Red Hill CRI Meeting #7: April 18, 2024

Civil Beat

Navy: Recent Elevated Petroleum Levels In Pearl Harbor Water Are False Positives

"Chlorine in water samples skewed the results, the Navy says. Residents fear their drinking water remains unsafe."

Hawaii News Now

Navy says no jet fuel in its drinking water after concerning spike in chemical detections

Hawaii News Now

Lawsuit over Red Hill fuel spill makes its way to court

Hawaii News Now

‘We’re ready to tell our stories’: Red Hill trial starts Monday with sickened families to testify

April 25, 2024

Navy Closure Task Force Red Hill (NCTF-RH)

Navy Announces Swarm Team Results

"Recently detected low levels of total petroleum hydrocarbons, or TPH, in the Navy’s drinking water system were the result of laboratory contamination..."

April 24, 2024

Civil Beat

Red Hill Families Describe Litany Of Harms From Tainted Water In Lead-Up To Federal Trial

Navy Closure Task Force Red Hill (NCTF-RH)

Red Hill: Afff Removal Update

"[...] 32 55-gallon drums of aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) concentrate (removed) from the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility, April 23"

April 22, 2024

Civil Beat

Navy Declines To Identify Its Pearl Harbor Water Quality Experts

"A spokesman cited unspecified privacy concerns when rejecting a Civil Beat request to reveal the names."

April 17, 2024

Civil Beat

Not Just Red Hill: Hundreds Of Military Fuel Depots Threaten Environment And Public Health

April 11, 2024

CBS News

Hawaii is "on the verge of a greater catastrophe," locals say, as water crisis continues

April 10, 2024

EPA Press Office

Biden-Harris Administration Finalizes First-Ever National Drinking Water Standard to Protect 100M People from PFAS Pollution


What new EPA limits on 'forever chemicals' mean for U.S. drinking water

CBS News

Trouble in the Water: Hawaii's Climate Crisis

April 1, 2024

Civil Beat

‘1,000 Steps Backward’: Navy Says Its Vast Testing Of Pearl Harbor Water Has Been Flawed

"For two years, the Navy said water test results indicated no problems. Now, officials are suggesting there is something in the water samples, but they don’t know what it is."



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