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Community: CRI Meeting 4

Updated: Feb 28

[See the meeting video here]

January 18, 2024 - Red Hill Red Hill Community Representation Initiative (CRI) Meeting #4

The meeting covers a range of issues related to environmental management, health concerns, community engagement, and the need for transparency and accountability from the Navy and other authorities.

Specific Problems and Concerns Discussed

  1. Fuel Removal Process: The meeting discusses the transition from gravity defueling to more complicated processes for removing fuel and contaminants. A premise plumbing update and a remediation plan were expected but not provided​​.

  2. National Defense Authorization (NDA) Issues: Concerns are raised about the NDA being a barrier to collaboration and information sharing, particularly regarding the Navy's flow optimization model and its analysis​​.

  3. Schools on Water Lines: There's concern for schools located on water lines, with reports of ongoing symptoms and avoidance of using school water fountains​​.

  4. ReUse of Fuel Tanks: There are major concerns about the survey conducted regarding the reuse of fuel tanks, with a sense that there was an attempt to manufacture consent for reusing these tanks​​.

  5. Accountability and Transparency: The meeting reflects a broader concern about the Department of Health and other authorities holding the Navy accountable and spreading misinformation​​.

  6. Community Emotions and Trust: The discussion includes the need for the Navy to reflect on its actions that led to heightened emotions and distrust within the community​​.

  7. Health Symptoms in Communities: There are reports of ongoing health symptoms in military base communities, with a need for further investigation​​.

  8. Defueling, Cleanup, and Safe Drinking Water: The CRI's role in addressing defueling, cleanup, closure, and safe drinking water is discussed, with a focus on ensuring these processes are completed effectively​​.

  9. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) for Subject Matter Experts: Concerns are expressed about the requirement for subject matter experts to sign NDAs, potentially hindering collaborative efforts​​.

  10. Lack of Health Data and Environmental Action Levels: There's a call for surveys to bring attention to health effects and the need for a serious response to human health risks​​.

  11. Miscommunication on Water Lines: Instances are cited where families were incorrectly informed about their status on water lines, leading to neglect of their health concerns​​.

  12. Need for Legislative Action and Support: The importance of legislative support and action to address the issues and institutionalize necessary changes is emphasized.

  13. Safety and Trust Concerns: The demeanor of individuals involved in decision-making, including safety concerns due to gun violence, is highlighted as an area of concern​​. Video referenced.

  14. Environmental Mismanagement and Contamination: Long-term environmental mismanagement and contamination, particularly at Pearl Harbor, are mentioned as critical issues​​.

  15. Lack of Detailed Responses to Questions: The CRI expresses frustration over the lack of detailed responses from the Navy and other authorities to their numerous questions​​.

  16. Concerns on Housing and Leasing Practices: There are issues raised about residents being forced to sign NDAs and the need for new residents to be thoroughly briefed on the Red Hill Water Crisis​​.

  17. Damage Inside Fuel Tanks: There's mention of significant damage inside the fuel tanks, raising concerns about the extent of contamination and the capacity of the tanks​​.

The reasons for the Navy's non-attendance at the CRI meeting, as discussed in the video by participants, include:

  1. Lack of Commitment to Public Transparency: The Navy and the EPA were noted to have declined participation in the public CRI meeting, despite attempts to conduct private meetings with individual members. The CRI emphasized the importance of public transparency, which they felt was not being upheld by the Navy's approach​​.

  2. Previous Instances of Non-Attendance: This was not the first instance of the Navy declining to attend important meetings, with a reference to their absence from a previous Red Hill Roundtable meeting in September 2023. This pattern suggests a reluctance or unwillingness on the Navy's part to engage in certain public forums​​.

  3. Communication Issues and Lack of Response: There were attempts to communicate directly with Navy representatives, including the Under Secretary, but these were met with no response. This lack of engagement indicates a broader issue with communication between the Navy and the CRI​​.

  4. Desire to Restructure the CRI: The Navy proposed to re-evaluate and restructure the CRI, which was perceived as an attempt to control the agenda and information flow. This desire for control might have influenced their decision to not attend the public meeting, preferring private discussions instead​​.

  5. Public Relations Strategy: The Navy's absence was seen as part of a broader public relations strategy, where they engaged in other forms of communication, like press releases and interviews, instead of participating in the CRI meeting. This approach was criticized for lacking depth and failing to build public trust​​.

To see more information about upcoming meetings and all meeting videos and minutes please visit the Red Hill Community Representation Initiative (CRI) website here.


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